Summer 2024 Table of Contents

Issue 1.3

Fall 2024


The Analogy of Tradition: Toward a More Radical Ressourcement

John R. Betz

In the Depths of Despair: The Kierkegaardian Abyss

Emmanuel Falque

Scheeben in the Kulturkampf: The Ernstfall and the Theo-Politics of Grace

Vincent L. Strand, SJ

Revisiting St. John Henry Newman on the Humanity of the God-man

Donald Graham

“How Is It with the Nothing?” Ferdinand Ulrich’s Thomistic Response to Heidegger

Rachel M. Coleman

Should Catholics Morally Cooperate with Liberalism?

Stephen M. Fields, SJ

Book Reviews

Gary A. Anderson, That I May Dwell Among Them: Incarnation and Atonement in the Tabernacle Narrative

Francisco Martins, SJ

Gregory Vall, Ecclesial Exegesis: A Synthesis of Ancient and Modern Approaches to Scripture

Israel McGrew

Aaron Pidel, SJ, The Inspiration and Truth of Scripture: Testing the Ratzinger Paradigm

Shane Owens

J. Patout Burns Jr., Augustine’s Preached Theology: Living as the Body of Christ

John Sehorn

Denys Turner, Dante the Theologian

George Corbett

Kjetil Kringlebotten, Liturgy, Theurgy, and Active Participation

Jonathan Martin Ciraulo

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