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Spring 2024 Contents


Robert Barron

What’s New about the ‘New Ressourcement’?: The Changed Circumstances of a Perennial Project of Retrieval

Brant Pitre

Jesus, John, and the Jewish Roots of the Filioque

D.C. Schindler

Ad Fontes Philosophicos: Ressourcement as a Transformation of the World

Brian Dunkle, SJ

Justice, Power, and Persuasion in Patristic Accounts of Christ’s Victory over Satan

Daria Spezzano

Thomas Aquinas, the ‘Nones,’ and the ‘Dones’: Proclaiming the Sacramentality of the Real in a Disenchanted Age

Tracey Rowland

Principles for a New Ressourcement in a Time of Crisis

Peter Casarella

Romano Guardini and the Question Concerning Technology

Angela Franks

Grasping the Form: A Proposal for Contemplative and Synthetic Systematic Theology

Book Reviews

Austin G Murphy, OSB

Andrew Hofer, The Power of Patristic Preaching: The Word in Our Flesh

John Baptist Ku, OP

Giulio Maspero, Rethinking the Filioque with the Greek Fathers

David Augustine

R. Jared Staudt, The Primacy of God: The Virtue of Religion in Catholic Theology

Matthew Levering

Ross McCullough, Freedom and Sin: Evil in a World Created by God

Michael Heintz

Keith Lemna, The Trinitarian Wisdom of God: Louis Bouyer’s Theology of the God-World Relationship

Travis Lacy

Guy Mansini, Ecclesiology

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